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Leslie Jampole - Class Of 1969

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Dawn Harmon (Schaefer) (1969)

From: Lynne (Kitchen) Cunningham

There were some people wondering about what became of Les. I just found out that he had died, and this was quite a shock as he and I were romantically involved during the time he lived in Athens, Georgia. We lived together in a Sioux tipi he'd constructed himself, on the banks of the Oconee River. It was an idyllic existence! He worked as a welder at a factory where they made train cars. His redneck coworkers there dubbed him "Indian" because they thought he looked like one! I have no idea what the circumstances of his death were. I lost contact with him after he moved to New Orleans, where he married a lady named Lois. (I'm willing to correspond with anyone who wants to, or if you like you can post this message and it will fill in a few of the gaps for those wondering whatever became of him.) He was an extremely intelligent man; philosophical discussions with him could go on ad infinitum. He felt things deeply but kept his guard up in public. He had a soft spot in his heart for children though he never had any with his own DNA, which is a pity. He would play the song "Shady Grove" on his guitar and sing in that rich, deep voice of his. May he rest in peace! He touched a lot of lives, including mine.

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