In Memory

Hattie Stella Kriewaldt - Class Of 1932

Deceased Classmate: Hattie Kriewaldt
Date Of Birth: June-1-1914
Date Deceased: January-10 -2013
Age at Death: 98
Cause of Death: God called her home
Classmate City: Wauwatosa
Classmate State: WI
Classmate Country: USA
Was a Veteran: No 
Survived By: Nieces, nephews and the generations beyond.

We did not know Aunt Hattie (Thom) was an alumn until we recognized the WHS seal on the graduation announcement laying on the photo board table at her funeral January 15. She was listed as a 1936 graduate from the English department. Aunt Hattie married one of my grandfather's baby twin brothers and was one of the few people who could call my dad 'Bobby'. As far back as my memory goes Bill and Hattie always lived in the house on 83rd street just North of North Ave. She always had a smile and bakery to take somewhere when we stopped by to visit. The other things she did was volunteer at the Lutheran home and walk. It did not matter the weather or temperature, if she had somewhere to go nothing would stop her. She began volunteering at the Lutheran home in 1980. She continued volunteering after Bill died in 2001. A few years ago Hattie moved to the Lutheran home where she had volunteered for decades. I visited her on Christmas eve day a month ago. Aunt Hattie was sitting in her wheel chair at the entrance of the chapel handing out bulletins for the Christmas Eve service. I gave her a kiss on the forehead and said good bye. She did not know who I was on this day, but she did know She was loved. Nannette Piasini (Thom '74)