In Memory

Natalie Kadin (Miller) - Class Of 1952

Deceased Classmate: Natalie Kadin
Date Of Birth: 11-11-1933
Date Deceased: 08-05-2017
Age at Death: 84
Cause of Death: vascular insuffiency
Classmate City: Jupiter
Classmate State: FL
Classmate Country: USA
Was a Veteran: No 
Survived By: Brother Marshall Kadin MD and sister in law Martha Hutchinson, MD, PhD

Natalie was a medical technologist. She trained at UW Madison and worked at St. Mary's in Milwaukee and Mt. Sinai hospital in Miami. She did not have children. She loved dogs and devoted much of her time to their welfare. She had many friends in and around Milwaukee and in Florida, all of whom expressed their sympathy for her loss.