Doris Wallace

Profile Updated: September 1, 2010
Residing In: Milwaukee, WI USA
Occupation: Retired educator
Children: Unfortunately, no children of my own. Lots of nieces, nephews and students
Yes! Attending Reunion

After leaving Washington High School during the eighties(?), I went into administration and supervision. I worked in one of then Superintendent Peterkin's Service Delivery Areas. Janie Hatton was my supervisor. After that I went to the Vliet Street office and worked in a Service Bureau with Brenda Wood. Under Dr. Howard Fuller and Fermin Burgos, I worked on the development of Partnership schools to assist students who were barely attending school to successfully enroll and function in smaller school settings. I retired in year 2000.

School Story:

My original intent was to teach for five years and return to business/industry. My interest was to help non-achieving African American students see college as an option in career planning.

I met a lot of very dedicated educators and worked extremely hard with other teachers such as the late Annie Williams, Bobbie Suggs, Virginia Williams, etc. We had a habit of working late.

On the last day of school one year I was about to leave school on time, for a change. Annie Williams convinced me to stay behind and help her finish packing up her things.

Annie was a science teacher. We struggled for HOURS trying to leave everything in order.

Finally we prepared to leave with a few of her things, only to find that we were chained in the building. We couldn't exit.

Somehow we found a way to get out and were greeted by two policemen who began to read us out Miranda rights. They were arresting us! I couldn't stop laughing!

Here we were with a stack of old musty experiments and workbooks, nothing of value to anyone but Annie, and we were being ARRESTED!

Annie was so frightened and kept trying to explain to the police that we were teachers. The police just ignored her. FINALLY the police called Principal Jerome Brandl to verify that we were teachers and we were released. The whole scene was a riot!

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