WHS Scholarship Appl for 2022

Washington HS Alumni Scholarship Foundation
Scholarship Application for 2022

The 2022 Washington HS Alumni Scholarship Foundation Application is now available.  Please click this link: WHSASF-Scholarship-Application-2022 to download your copy.

We would suggest you create a folder in your user area to store this application as you work on it plus include electronic copies of other items we ask you to submit with your application.

The application has places called "fields" for you to input your information.  These fields will expand as your write or paste input into the form.  When you have completed your application make sure you save a copy in your computer space.  You will need to give to your counselor a printout of the application form and other information you have collected for your application.  

Any questions can be directed to the WHS Guidance Department. The information provided in this application is confidential and will be used only for the purpose of awarding the Foundation’s scholarship. The due date for this year’s scholarship is April 14, 2022. Interviews will occur at Washington High School in April and May. Scholarship recipients will be announced in May.

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WHS Scholarship Applications For 2022 Now Available

Current Seniors:  The WHS Alumni Scholarship Foundation Scholarship Application is now available for downloading.  Please click here or click the third link from the top on the left (WHS Scholarship Appl for 2022) for more information and a link to download the form.