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Marvel J. Landry (Foulkes) - Class Of 1961

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08/31/17 03:23 AM #1    

Thomas Ivers (1958)

     RIP Pretty Lady!  Ya put the make on me in July 1958, we had 4 dates, and I then went off to college BUT you'd won my heart !!  Always told you we'd have made it if we'd have continued dating in 1963 after I got out of the Army.  Just had to get that college degree and went off to school again so we only had that one date in July 1963 until the next date in 1972 when you were living in Miami.  After that weekend we didn't have another date until Jan 2008, had our fling for 7 months, but you were too hurt from your previous marriage to let yourself go.  I KNOW we could have made it back in 2008 if you'd have let go, Pretty Lady!

     Found out tonite you're gone after looking at this website hoping to find your number to call you for another date and had hoped this time things would work out and will shed some tears over you after this is finished.

     Hope we'll meet again if there's a Hereafter, Little One!

                                                                                                 I'll always love you!



08/31/17 11:03 AM #2    

Georgia Kutnar (Marsel) (1961)

Thanks Tom Ivers for loving my dearest friend Marvel. We had a wonderful and wild life  together!

08/31/17 05:48 PM #3    

Carol L. Haseltine (Hackett) (1961)

Hey, we knew both of you!  you were  responsible for introducing us in 57. Here we are 56 years later, happy and healthy still living in WI. Dave and I justtalking about you a few days ago. And to Marvel RIP , and hi to you dear Georgia Kutnar❤️




08/31/17 07:08 PM #4    

Thomas Ivers (1958)

     Nobody posted anything to Marv's "In Memory" site.  2 years after she passed away, I find out and leave a good-bye message and all of a sudden the whole world seems to know!  How does this happen?  George Orwell's 1984 must be here?

     Ya all got my phone and email address.  Hope you will call or email me.  This is absolutely blowing my mind!  My the way, Dave Hackett, Willie Savage passed away on 5/30/2009, and told me how you'd recognized him in your shop there in the Sturgeon Bay area.  Gimme a call or email sometime.  Would really enjoy hearing from you.  Happy to see ya got such a nice marriage!

     Am really saddened by finding out Marvel left us.  Was really hoping something would happen this or next month if we got together again.  Obviously we had something going between us. 

09/04/17 07:13 AM #5    

Thomas Ivers (1958)

     I first commented on your "In Memory" site, Little One, as a way of saying "good bye" to you and within 15 hours 2 people responded to me, not to you, using your site.  Some way, they knew something had now been posted on your site, pulled it up, and posted their response..  Carol doesn't know how you left but Georgia must know so use your influence, Honey!  Tell Georgia to PLEASE return my phone call to her or email your site to give me get some CLOSURE as to what happened to you or why you left. 

     See ya when I get up there.  Can't wait to see you again.  This time we're gonna make what we should have made down here and have what we both wanted in our lives!

                                                                                                            Love ya, Pretty Lady!






09/05/17 11:44 PM #6    

Susan M Miller (Hamann) (1961)

Tom   .....I got an email saying that there was a new posting on the Washington site....that is how people knew that you had posted.....It is so sad to see all the friends that have been is great to keep in contact...sorry for your loss....

09/06/17 05:03 PM #7    

Thomas Ivers (1958)

Hi Susan,

     Thank you for being so considerate and sending your condolences to me.  Shows you must be a good woman to write somebody you've never met to do that.  How in the world you find out somebody posted something to someone else's site sure beats me!

     You're right, Susan.  It's sad to learn the friends who have gone.  It's a real shocker to learn when you want to call them, use the WHS classmate profile to get their phone number if it's listed, and get hit between the eyes seeing those 2 little   * *   by their name which denotes they're deceased.

     How you learned I posted to Marvel's "In Memory" site means Georgia Kutnar learned it the same way you did, I assume.  Posting again to Marvel's site plus posting directly to Georgia's classmate profile account has resulted in no response from her.  No phone call, no post on my personal AT&T account, no post to Marvel's account and no post to my profile account.  Complete silence from her and no response to "what happened to Marvel? Why'd she leave us?"  It leaves me wondering "why'd she thank me for loving her best friend to begin with?"

     Carol Hazeltine responded so some good came about.  I was able to contact her and email her husband Dave.  Haven't communicated for him for over 30 years.  Some good came about by Marvel's leaving us.  Carol has the same feature you have.  Someway, somehow, she was able to pull up Marvel's "In Memory" account. She sure didn't go hit every grad's profile account to find who posted who and neither did you.

     Thanks again for contacting me, Susan.

                                                                                                    Best regards,

                                                                                                    Tom Ivers 

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