In Memory

George J Ahlmann - Class Of 1959



Deceased Classmate: George J. Ahlmann 1959
Date Of Birth: 04-05-1941
Date Deceased: 02-11-2013
Age at Death: 71
Cause of Death: strokes, cardiac arrest
Classmate City: Payson
Classmate State: AZ
Classmate Country: USA
Was a Veteran: No 
Survived By: Martha E. Schauffele, wife Annette G. Ahlmann, sister

George died on February 11, 2013 in Phoenix, Arizona. He was a house attorney for the Navajo Tribe in Window Rock, AZ where he developed and implemented the business plan for the particle board factory, an income generating enterprise owned by the Navajos. He also secured legislation that safeguarded the Navajo's proprietary use of their name and symbols marketed in the arts and crafts industry. He retired from his law practice at age 45 and invested in real estate, owning a trailer park in Payson, AZ, a grapefruit farm in Tempe, AZ and residential rental properties in Phoenix, AZ and in Cedar Grove, WI. He lived in Kohl's Ranch, a mountainous, forested area near Payson, AZ, where he served as a volunteer fireman for over 25 years. He piloted his own airplanes, sailed his boat in the Sea of Cortez offshore from his summer home in Mexico and enjoyed the challenge of mechanical repairs to his collection of old cars, motorcycles and tractors. He was generous in sharing his intellectual talents and time by volunteering assistance to many people, especially the elderly, by preparing their income tax or in solving domestic legal problems. His last great gift to us all was the donation of his body for medical research, contributing to the effort to understand and conquer disease processes of the brain.